Dance Classes

Dance Classes

1 hour of buzzing fun A specially designed dance session for your tiny ones in their most formative and impressionable yrs to develop fundamental motor skills including rhythm, coordination, balance and flexibility.

Our program is well designed to teach your child basic warmups, dance techniques including dance postures, center floor and basic floor works. So let's go ahead and prepare them to be "Teen Ready"!

This is a NEVER to be missed dance session! It will prepare your child for a more advanced dance training and will create a momentous time to remember forever!

With our vast specialized experience in this form of dance, our hiphop classes top the list!It combines the latest club, street and funk styles to create the most innovative, hottest dance class maintaining its uniqueness!Give it a try and you sure won't be disappointed!

This genre of expressive dance style will strive to connect the mind and body through an eclectic approach. @The Buzz we invite you to discover the expression of your inner buzzing potential.

Boys will be B-boys but @The Buzz we offer classes for B-Girling too! Spins, Freezes, Poses, Flips n more...Get ready for an explosive, athletic and acrobatic style of dance all at a venue near you!

Explore the diva within you…learn the Bolly dance style which is the most infectious of them all.Whether you are a novice or a professional dancer...our non judgemental, fun, supportive environment is for you!

As the name suggests, these classes are kid friendly so feel free to bring your tots to dance and workout with you. This group activity can also give you time with other moms to get tips n share some mom talk time!

Fitness Classes

High and Low impact classes for all the fitness freaks.Sweat off those extra calories while moving and grooving to your favorite tunes. Highly organized routines with Steppers, Cardio, boot camps, circuits, floor workouts, stretches n much more.With high energy music, you'll love and feel the burn during every minute of it!Look out for the Theme nights which are a sure no miss or ditch!

This fun fitness session will help to build unbounded confidence, discipline, self-control and a positive attitude in your child. This form of exercise and challenges will help to develop courage to stand up in front of a crowd and discover their artistic hidden talents.

Rejuvenate, Refresh n Repeat!!...this is our mantra for all you Yoga enthusiasts. Find your zen with our 60 minute "ME" time!

Our personal sessions are the most rewardable. One hour of concentrated attention and creativity can help you achieve your goals at the fastest pace. Each routine can be adapted as per your need and comfort level.


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